Trans Air Systems Develops Revolutionary New Aircraft
ISO Shipping-Container Problem is Solved

Philadelphia, PA – July, 2017 – Trans Air Systems, a prominent Philadelphia aeronautical vehicle system design company, announces a disruptive new aerial platform concept that revolutionizes the air freight industry. Called the Convertible Payload Transport Aircraft (CPTA), it has been proven through the testing of subscale concept demonstration prototypes and engineering analysis. This breakthrough family of aircraft is the first ever to offer a practical solution to the regional aerial shipment of ISO intermodal shipping-containers. These aircrafts fill the capability gap that has existed in the logistical supply chain of ships, rail, and trucks (no airplanes), since the inception of ISO standards for shipping-containers that were adopted by the intermodal shipping line/freight forwarding industry in the 1970s.

With a simple drive-through, stop-and-go unloading operation, the CPTA top-lifts the ISO shipping-containers off the back of flatbed semi-tractor trailers. In addition, this same aircraft may be fitted with a bottom-lifted cargo deck that will accept the roll-on and roll-off of non-ISO semi-trailers to be dropped off and picked up in very short order. These capabilities have never existed before in the history of aviation, nor the shipping-line freight-forwarding industry.

In addition to unprecedented logistical capabilities, this special aircraft offers extraordinary structural advantages. They weigh much less than the current state-of-the-art air freighters that have an identical lift capacity. This dramatically reduces fuel consumption per payload ton-mile, capable of saving companies more than 50% of their overall fuel costs. This operational advantage, when compared to traditional aircrafts with the same lift capacity, also results in much lower production costs and acquisition prices; $25M CPTA200 vs. $65M C130.

As well as vastly improving the air cargo industry’s freight handling efficiency, Trans Air Systems have designed certain variants of their CPTA that can take off from and land in short, unprepared field conditions. This will allow for the delivery of containers and heavy outsized payloads to locations that were heretofore impossible to reach by any other means. Properly funded, the CPTA will go beyond commercial applications, extending to civil (firefighting and disaster relief), military and humanitarian needs. You can find out more from their website

About Trans Air Systems

Trans Air Systems is an aeronautical vehicle system design firm. We have two areas of specific interest: air-freight cargo planes; and person air vehicles (PAVs).

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